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About Myself :

I am a developer working for Efextra (a software company based in India) and developed this project just to learn the internals of the HTTP protocol. You are free to learn from and reuse the source code (I admit it isn't pretty, this was one of my first projects).

I am thankfull to sourceforge.net for hosting this website.
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Information !

Tiny Server v1.1.9 now available.

What is Tiny Server ?

This is a very basic http server. This server can accept multiple requests at once. The server is only 56 kb. The default page, web page directory and port number can be configured by editing the server.ini file. The message window provides details of connections and errors if any. The server has been configured to accept a maximum of 100 connections. I have used the Winsock control in VB. As of now Tiny Server supports only the GET request. It also does not support any server side processing. The server can be used for testing websites on a local network before uploading to the Internet.

Some Features of Tiny Server :

  • Easy to configure and use.
  • Facility of remote administration.
  • Tiny Server can accept multiple requests at once.
  • Small size of only 54 KB.
  • Can be minimized to the system tray or totally hidden.
  • Supports Basic WWW-Authentication.
  • Runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000.
  • Did we say FREE and EASY?


Features to added in future versions :

  • Request Logging.
  • Password protected directories.
  • CGI support.
  • POST method support.

CLICK HERE for Free Download of Tiny Server v1.1.9 (With Setup and required DLLs)


CLICK HERE for Free Download of Tiny Server v1.1.9 (Without Setup and required DLLs, download this if you have VB runtime files already on your computer)

Tiny Server can also be downloaded from programmersheaven.com CLICK HERE

Legal Stuff :

This software is placed under public domain.


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